What David Wood Isn’t Telling You About Empower Network

I’m sure you’ve heard about the 100% commission new system by David Wood and David Sharpe called Empower Network. If not I’d ask you to leave this page now and go check out the 20-min video explaining the whole thing. Empower Network was launched officially a few days ago. And the idea here is basically 100% commissions of $25, $100 monthly payments. There is also a one-time upgrade of $500 for a product called Costa Rica Intensive. All the products contain very advanced marketing techniques which drive massive traffic to whatever internet business you’re promoting. There’s really no denying it, internet marketing is the best way to market a network marketing business. But the revolutionary thing about the Empower Network is that entire system is really set up for anyone to connect, plug in, and start making money on the internet. Without having to learn all the tedious internet marketing stuff.

Now, there is a whole lot of great information said on the Empower Network blog and the main Sales page.

But there are also a few things that it does not say. I don’t know if it’s intentionally left out or maybe that there are more updates to come along that will include this major part. Some people I’ve talked to have voiced their concerns about it. However, even with this tiny extra step Empower Network has still been able to do over $350,000 paid out in 100% commissions directly deposited into members bank accounts in a mere 4-5 days. That is truly unheard of on the internet. I honestly think this will hit a million in sales before the end of the month.

So what is this little extra step that isn’t explicitly mentioned until you actually buy the Fast Start $25 product of the Empower Network? You may have to open a merchant account with First Data to receive instant commissions. WAIT! Don’t write this off already saying “I knew it was too good to be true!”. When I joined the system the only merchant account was Linkpoint/First Data. Now, you’re able to use Linkpoint/First Data and SWREG which is really popular for international members. The back office shows you exactly how to open your own merchant account with Linkpoint and be approved easily. All you need to do is follow the directions that are in the tutorial videos. I actually think it’s a plus to have it linked to a private merchant account because if it wasn’t there would be no way that 100% commission could be paid out. Essentially, instead of Empower Network paying to do all the accounting and payments it’s allowing a separate merchant account do all of that. It’s really genius!!

Now why do I say that Empower Network is the best system that has ever been put together on the internet?

First of all who’s behind this automatic wealth vehicle. David Wood and David Sharpe. I have a lot more historyDave & Dave - LuisLorenzo.net with David Wood who singlehandedly created some of the best plug-in and play systems for Numis Network. Raised to the top Of MyLeadSystemPRO the best online attraction marketing system for networkers, and helped countless other people reach success by using his own presentations, sales pages, brandable websites, and simple marketing funnels. Once I saw his name on this stuff I jumped right into it and didn’t even care what it was honestly. I know I’m in great hands with David and you are too.

Secondly, the most obvious reason is the 100% commission. The network marketing industry is so used to selling a product that 99% of the marketers don’t even like. They just sell the juice, pill, cell phone service,  really only for the promise of making money. On top of this, there are still a whole lot of production costs that have to be paid. Packaging, accounting, office costs, taxes… So much money has to be paid out before the marketer gets a check. And guess who’s income is being cut to pay for all this. Yeap, the marketer. The network marketer gets the shaft in a lot of different comp plans to the point of never getting paid for almost half of the team they’ve built. And don’t even get me started on earning caps where the company doesn’t even allow marketers to get paid over a certain predetermined limit. They have to protect themselves right, screw the marketers! Not my favorite way of earning income.

With the Empower Network you’re getting 100% of the commission directly deposited into your account. No waiting for a company to decide what percentage you deserve. No waiting to reach a certain level in the company to get paid. But your next question may be….if they’re paying 100% of the money….how does the company make money. David Wood and David Sharpe answer it very robustly on the Empower Network blog. In essence, there is no “company”. There is no Totem king living on top of the company mountain getting a piece of everyone’s efforts. Empower Network has finally leveled the playing field in a marketing opportunity. Something that has never been done in history of direct sales.

Lastly, the cost to get started is only $25. Compare that to an average network marketing company that goes for $300 to $500 and even $1,000 it’s a very refreshing concept. You invest $25 in a business and make 100% investment on your first person you sponsor. Even with the $20 monthly for the merchant account it’s still very cheap compared to the average $100 for a traditional network marketing company.

The intention of this post is to inform and educate the reader on what to expect when getting involved with the Empower Network. But to the serious networker, or someone honestly looking for a legit, proven way to earn an extra $5,000 residually per month none of this about the Empower Network should change your mind.

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