Terra Biotech Review: What’s The Real Story?

Terra Biotech Review: What’s The Real Story?

Terra Biotech is a new network marketing company based in Dallas TX providing nutritional supplements to increase immunity and health. One cool thing is that the company was started by a husband who’s wife was battling cancer. I haven’t found any mention if she was cured by the products in this company but it so that’s a major plus in the cancer fight. The product line of Terra Biotech is beverages containing superfoods known to enhance the body’s natural disease fighting system.

The main product of Terra Biotech is the Nectr CORE. This drink is said to boost immunity and vitality through it’s antioxidant nutrients. Terra Biotech also makes the claim that their product also flights the formation of free radicals in the body, thereby preventing many common and life-threatening diseases. A lot of very high claims for a multi-level marketing company but not so uncommon.

Other products sold by Terra Biotech are Nectr RIZE which is like their energy drink and Nectr CALM used for when you can’t sleep and almost works like a relaxing supplement. In line with the whole natural momentum of the company all o9f their packaging and shipping materials are made with 100% recycled materials.

Getting Started With Terra Biotech

To get started with Terra Biotech the start up cost is $45 for a distributorship package which contains all the materials needed to start your business up. This package usually contains training materials, samples, and order forms to sign up new distributors right away. Each new Terra Biotech Home business owner is referred to as a Independent Associate and is set up to receive commissions on the sale of the products and sponsorship of new associates.

An associate can receive commissions in 3 ways. First, through Retail Sales which come from retail profits, preferred bonuses and residual. They also have a 3 & it’s free program so if you’re able to sign up 3 new people your first money then your next month’s products are sent to you at no charge.

The second way that you can make money with Terra Biotech is through Bonuses. This includes Fast start bonuses, leadership bonuses, and bulk order bonuses. The third way to make money is through residual income. As with most MLM companies Terra Biotech pays you for every or portion of your teams monthly autoship or subscription. For more info on the compensation  plan check out the comp plan PDF here.

Residual Income Within Terra Biotech

As for the residual compensation plan it seems to me that they’re a unilevel company. This means that you could have endless first line distributors in your team. This is contrary to my original suspicion because most consumable companies use the binary compensation plan which restricts you to only 2 first line people then you build a left team and a right team and the company only pays you on the smaller team….or something like that. It’s a good thing that Terra Biotech isn’t like that. If you’d like to learn more on the compensation plan take a look at the PDF from Terra Biotech website here

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