Cash Unite Review: Is It Just Another Facebook+MLM Blend?

Cash Unite Review: Is It Just Another Facebook+MLM Blend?

Cash Unite seems to be the new MLM Social network planning on making a big launch this year. The company is in pre-launch now and accepting new members. It wouldn’t be the first company of it’s kind. There are a few companies that are trying to blend Facebook-esque online hangout sites that also pay you to refer new members. One of the most popular today is and All these sites are basically a rebranding of the first social network that came out a few years ago named Direct Matches which has recently changed it’s name to MyNetworkingPRO. I don’t know, I was never caught up in the social network mlm companies but Direct Matches did have a hell of a run at one time. Let’s look a little deeper at Cash Unite and see if it’s any different than the other ones.

Cash Unite says on their site that it’s “A revolutionary new way to earn money from your social networks”. They claim to use the most advanced technologies that are available today to create a fast and easy way to stay connected with people and earn income while doing it. The company has a patent pending system called Peer-to-Peer Social Revenue Share which is supposed to work with all social networks and email service providers in the world. The design is tooted as being on the verge of changing the way people use social sites online. Basically, it allows you to control all of your social networks into one login on Cash Unite and, I’m guessing, make money by marketing the ability to do this.

What Is Cash Unite Really?

Not many companies can boast that they’ve developed close relationships with all of the most popular social sites that are online right now. With just Facebook alone that’s almost 80% of the whole market. The tools within Cash Unite will give people access to continually interact with friends and family through social sites they’re already members of. So it’ll be like a central social hub than a totally new social network. Users will be able to do everything they’re already able to do on other sites like post pictures, discuss ideas, share music, videos etc. Cash Unite also features a viral broadcast tool that allows users to build their teams without having to use serious marketing strategies.

The Cash Unite Vision: “To help hundreds of thousands of everyday people, marketers & entrepreneurs, make huge breakthroughs & establish a permanent change in their quality of life and financial stability.”

What Are The Cash Unite Enrollment Options?

To use the system Cash Unite will charge $9.99 each month with optional upgrades for extras. The extras will allow members to earn more through extended levels of connections. (AHA! So this is how the money is made!)

Comp Plan…

As a networker you’re paid in a few different ways. There are also no caps to how much you can make. Members earn income from other members joining and using the system. This is easily done using the in-house viral broadcast tools. Kinda like what Facebook has where they allow you to log into your Gmail or Yahoo account and start sending emails to all your contacts about joining Facebook. Why did the word Cult just pop into my head? Anyway… A member can also make money from shopping done within their team in the Cash Unite Vault. Upgrades also pay a percentage to the marketer but the percentage isn’t revealed yet as it’s still in pre-launch and just getting the word out.

There isn’t much online about it yet but from what I’ve seen it actually doesn’t seem like a bad idea. It’s not just another social network combining with MLM. The concept does make sense: Merge your Facebook, Twitter, Betternetworker, Digg, and a bunch of other social bookmarking sites all on one log in and also…hey why not make some money with it. I have a feeling this Cash Unite thing will stick for a while but we’ll have to see once they launch.

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