Why I Believe Chromebooks Are The Future

Lately I’ve been having some problems with my home computer. I use an old Dell laptop that has been more of a desktop since I bought it 4-5 years ago. It’s a 17-inch beast that’s easily 5+ pounds which makes it impossible to carry.

It never held more than 2 hours charge so it’s never made sense to take it out and do some work at a coffee shop or something. I still love it and can’t substitute the many tasks that it can still do, however old it is.

But lately I’ve noticed that most of what I do on it is on the internet. And it’s become much more apparent now that I’m using a Chromebook. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new marketing system for Wealthy Affiliate and haven’t touched any of the other programs I have installed.

And even then, I’d mostly use Market Samurai for keyword research and then it’s back to the internet.

Even when I’m not working on internet marketing stuff but just entertaining myself I’m usually watching a movie, playing a game, or reading something, which all exist on some server far away from my home. Amazing how much is done on the internet now with less than 35 years of existence.

But here’s the part that changes things with a Chromebook — for me at least. Yeah, my “desktop” can surf the internet and allow me to put text on a screen, edit, watch movies, etc.

And I will agree that the conventional PC/Apple computers do everything a Chromebook does and have been single-handedly providing the internet to 99% of the globe since it’s inception.

But I will say this, For the few days that I’ve been fiddling with this new Chromebook:

-I haven’t had to open task manager to stop a running service taking up unnecessary RAM space.

-I haven’t had to pause a Netflix movie and wait until enough is downloaded so I can watch it without stutter.

-Here’s a big one…haven’t had to CTRL+ALT+DEL to get the thing working again.

-There are no background updates killing my memory and enslaving the processor.

-No more worrying about viruses…and even worse anti-virus software (eww)

-And money…well, I still have some left after buying a Chromebook! (only $250)

-OMG NO BSOD! The list can go on but you get the idea.

Chromebooks do one thing right, and that’s work online. Needless to say I find it very refreshing to do so many things I already do online with the laptop without having to worry about performance. With the Chromebook all of the horsepower is solely for what it was built to do, be awesome :).

I’ve read the comments from the Orthodox/Fundamentalist/Sabbath-keeping Windows-users who say Chromebooks are just browsers in a box. I think soon enough they’ll get more credit. This computer does, and will do much more than just browse the internet, being that Chromebooks and the ChomeOS are so young in the game.

But already we’re seeing a lot of services that began as standard .exe program files we had to buy and install now existing on the cloud somewhere (probably for free). Just the term “cloud” is becoming a common word among the public these days!

You know it’s a big deal when non-techie consumers use words techs have been using for years.

Here’s a thinker: Does anyone actually have their whole music collection on their phone or computer anymore? Just about a year ago I was helping my brother with some homework that had to be submitted through Google Drive. And isn’t Microsoft Office entirely online now with your work accessible anywhere you have wifi?

Grandpa Windows?

Sounds like Old grandpa Windows is looking at ChromeOS and wants a piece.

I’d like to see where Chromebooks will be in a few years from now, maybe it’s a bit early for it’s time. It wouldn’t surprise me though if Google finally invented the time machine and saw where home computers are headed towards. Did I mention I’m kind of a Google groupie?


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