What You Think It Takes To Be A Great Marketer May Not Be So

Last night I was having a long conversation with one of my marketing friends who has been in the industry a while and having doubts about enduring. One thing that always surprised me is how the best things come out of you when you’re trying to help somebody else, even if you yourself are having doubts about something. You may think that you don’t know something and you’re not “good” but as soon as the opportunity comes up to change the mindset of somebody else you start speaking in such a prophetic tone that’ll leave you with your own mouth open.


So during the conversation my friend said that she’s not a good marketer and probably will never be. Of course, I disagreed and ask her “what do you really think you need to become a great marketer?” Below are a few points that would be of value to others who have come to this bump in their road.

self-confidence1. Making Videos And Being “Too Shy” – The truth is that you don’t have to make videos to be successful. A few years ago when I was going through the same “night of the soul” I took a look at the leader-board of one of the companies that I was promoting. I was so surprised to find that most of the top people earning the most money, attracting the most leads, getting the most conversions…were people I’ve never heard of.

The internet has a way of making you feel that you have to be everywhere and on everybody’s mouth. You have to have 100’s of videos on YouTube, written tons and tons of articles to dominate Google, be the Kanye West of social media in your niche. These are all lies.

They’re simply lies, lies that people who are trying to sell us stuff have told us and we’ve consumed, absorbed, digested, and find a comfy home in our cells. Once that happens they become truths for us and we live as if they were true. However, what we fail to remember is that these lies were told to us by somebody who was trying to sell us their product so they can make a commission. What’s the best way to get someone to buy something from you? Make them feel like they desperately need it to survive.

The real problem is that even after that leader, guru, persuasive speaker, is finished with you and on to the next product…that lie still lives in us and fucking up our thinking. So years after that seed-thought was planted we’re still thinking “I don’t have the confidence, drive, money, ability, attractiveness, as ______ so I can’t make it.”

You don’t need to be the charismatic multi-millionaire celebrity marketer that’s on all the YouTube videos and everybody knows by name. If you’re shy you can do screen-casting, make videos showing your screen and show people how to do stuff. That’s one option. Or find a way to create video clips other other videos. Some marketers use this as their only source of traffic without anyone knowing what they look like.

2. You have to be a professional public speaker – No you don’t. Another lie that internet mesmerizers have fed us to make a quick $47 sale. The internet is full of this shit. Some may say “ummm, it’s called marketing…” No, to me it’s called making a dishonest buck. This was the problem with the whole Attraction Marketing craze of the early 00’s. Everybody thought that you had to have the professional blog theme, header graphic, soft-fluorescent lighting for videos, pay writers for your articles/blog-posts, and well, be fake.

People are always attracted to people who are just like them or relate to them in a sort of way. All you have to do is know just a little bit more than the other person and you’ll be followed. Being who you are is really the best asset an internet marketer has who’s trying to create a tiny fortune aside from a regular job. You don’t need to pretend to be a Mike Dillard, David Wood, Jonathan Budd, etc. (I tried not to name-drop but had to make the point).

3. You Need To See Results FAST! – This one is a major problem with the internet marketing scene. Obviously, it’s another way to make a quick sale by telling newbies they’ll have overnight success with this program, product, tool. The whole sense of urgency bullshit is by far the only reason why there’s so much hopping in online marketing. People don’t see results in the first 5 hours of getting started with something and they’re already thinking of jumping to the Next Big Thing (SAMSUNG!). The only way to build a sustainable, livable, job-killing income online is by taking your time. Delete the mind-virus that’s stuck on “get rich quick”.

There’s no such thing. Get rich quick means Get Jail Fast. The money mindset is very hard to get rid of, I know. We get into this for the sole reason to make money but we then find out that it take a lot of work. So the pleasure of making money fast is not strong enough to extinguish the pain of work and soon failureĀ begins.

The day you stop thinking about the fast, right-now money and start considering your business as a plant you need to attend to and help it grow slowly is when you start dropping the money idea and start seeing the steady increase. You go from selfish to selfless. Zig Ziglar said “Help enough people get what they want and you”ll get everything you want.” And then you wonder why he was who he was? Be a source of greatness, empowerment, knowledge, TRUTH, and the money will follow effortlessly.

4. Needing Money To Make Money – I know for a fact that with $200 a month (high-end), good mentors, training, and the right beliefs anybody and their grandmother can make an incredible income on the internet. All’s really needed is content and a place to put that content like a blog. Having something to say and a place to put it on can evolve into a dependable financial asset. It doesn’t take $1,000 like the online peddlers tell you. You don’t need the best of anything! And the content? That comes with learning. If you feel like you can’t write or speak…READ MORE! Soon, the wisdom you’ve been absorbing will perspire from every pore. But first, kill the quick money idea. Forget about the money, it’s the only way to make money šŸ™‚

So here’s the simplified version:

A. Be yourself, find others like you.

B. Read stuff, teach stuff.

C. Think of others before “little me”.

D. Practice the Art Of Minimalism.

E. Do A, B, C, & D till you see results.

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