The “Everything” Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate (Wealthy Affiliate University)
Overall Ranking: 10/10
Price: $0 or $47 Per Month (Premium)
Owners: Kyle & Carson

In this Wealthy Affiliate review I’ll be going through a few points that will help you make a good decision on getting started with Wealthy Affiliate and if it’s worth it. There are so many choices online when it comes to internet marketing. From the tools to use to the training provided, to traffic generation.

So much is being pushed that it’s hard to make a good decision. Everything is “the best for your business”. But what really makes these products the best. Let’s see how Wealthy Affiliate matches up.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014 | PROS & CONS

wa_too_much_money_336x280Before I go into the pros and cons I’ll give you a little story about my travels in the internet marketing maze. I’ll tell you straight up. I was one of those program jumpers that you hear about. I would stay with a program for 3 months and if I didn’t make $50,000 in that time I’d quit it and go join another program that I thought was going to be the holy grail.

Unfortunately, that’s the path many new people take. The whole shiny object syndrome is a major problem for newbies and oldies alike. For me, it was very bad mental focus. I really thought that my success was inherent in the actual program and not myself. Later on I realized that I could succeed in any online business, all I needed to do was learn how to market.

So I quit everything and spend years just learning how to actually do internet marketing. All the MLM programs that came my way, Direct sales programs, “make my life easier” products got ignored. I treated it all as a distraction. Once I learned how to market I was able to truly see results. 

So, for the Wealthy Affiliate pros:

First, Wealthy Affiliate is like a home base for anyone who wants to actually make a living with internet marketing. It’s unbelievably free to start. It’s insane how much valuable information they give a way to non-paying members. A majority of the skills taught in the members area I’ve seen in Clickbank products that cost over $500.

Within Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have access to training, support, website creation, live video trainings, basically everything you need to create profitable website in your spare time. It also allows you to communicate with all the other members who are doing this too.

There are a lot of people who are at different levels in their paths and everyone is helpful and willing to guide a new person. Below is a link to one of my favorite video trainings that you can watch for free now.

As of this date I have not seen any true Wealthy Affiliate Complaints. Other than people saying it didn’t work, usually because they didn’t work.

…and the Cons:

As yet I have not seen any training on other internet marketing methods. I haven’t seen any trainings on marketing with solo ads, phone broadcasting, email blasts, things of this nature. I can see why not because these methods are usually for MLM’s or direct sales programs. WA focuses on creating an online business using a WordPress blog and ranking in search engines.

Another negative in my Wealthy Affiliate review was that they taught keyword research and are promoting a tool called Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a great product that shows you all the keyword ideas, their searches and competition, and allows you to also get exact match domains for very good keywords right from the program.

The only problem I have with it is that it’s a monthly subscription. I have been using Market Samurai for a number of years and love it. It’s only $149 I believe and you own it for life, including all updates. I’d rather pay $150 than $50 per month forever to use the tool.

Wealthy Affiliate also doesn’t have any good funnels to use to promote it. Again, I get that they’re mainly teaching WordPress blogging to make money but they also have an affiliate program that pays you $22 per month. I think a good idea would be to at least have an affiliate funnel so an affiliate can promote it the conventional way.

Catchy headline + video on front page, collect emails, send them to a sales page, and drip emails every 3 days. This technique has been shown to work already. But maybe the Wealthy Affiliate guys kinda want to stay out of that whole niche. In a way I can understand that.

But also, nothing is holding you back from creating your own WA funnel which is better because it’s branded with your headline, video capture page, emails, maybe even your own sales  page. And then you can share your some of the free trainings to the opt-ins and get them hooked. (Priceless information for the savvy here)

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

risk_mgmtHere’s what the Wealthy Affiliate University is in a nutshell. It’s a training/coaching platform for someone who wants to create an online business using Search Engine Optimization with a WordPress blog. The nice thing is that it’s very newbie-friendly and guides you through creating your blog as soon as you get started.

Once you get started you have 2 options: start the Online Entrepreneur Certification training which is 10 lessons and is considered Level 1 of internet marketing. Or you can choose to go straight to the Affiliate Bootcamp training where, in 10 lessons you become a professional at promoting Wealthy Affiliate specifically on a blog.

Both choices are great ideas that anyone can get started with. Each lesson also has activities that have to be completed before you move on. So, it’s really like an online university where you have some “homework” i guess.

On top of this you can comment on people’s work, people can critique your work, you can get great ideas from other members and build bonds with them. Once you become very good at this stuff and decide you want to teach you also are able to create your own trainings with lessons as well as activities and have others do your training.

I can tell you from experience: the bonds you build online can truly turn to BFF’s. I have built very close friendships with people in Ireland, England, and Australia. For a more robust overview I highly recommend starting a free account and checking everything out for yourself (it’s really free)

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

I’d say it’s for anyone who wants to start a business from home. Be that as an affiliate, an MLMer, even an offline business. The skills that are learned within WA will work for any marketing, especially in this era where 90% of people spend 20 hours a day in front of a screen.

It’s also very good for the beginner who doesn’t know anything about internet marketing. The step by step guidance is really easy to follow and, like I said before, has information that’s sold for $47 to $500+ in other places that you get for your free membership (you also get 2 free websites to start with, forgot to mention that. Includes hosting)


About the training I think  already said enough. To really get a feel for it I’d say create an account and follow it each step and then be amazed at how much you’ve accomplish on your own. You’ll probably have a blog up in just one week, not to mention probably have it ranking for some good keywords.

As for the tools Wealthy Affiliate starts you off with 2 free websites you can use. They use WordPress so you’re able to choose from thousands of beautiful templates that look very professional. These websites will be hosted their own domain so you don’t have to pay for anything. If you’d like unlimited websites you’ll have to get to premium which is $47 per month.


If you have any experience with WordPress you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’re also taught to use a lot of free 3rd party tools that can help you with keyword research, recording your screen for trainings or Youtube, and software that can take quick pictures of stuff you want to use for your blogposts.

Rapid Writer is another tool within Wealthy Affiliate that helps with getting content for your articles and blogposts. It doesn’t write the articles for you but helps with getting ides for what to write about. Another great tool is Link Tracking.

This is major if you’re doing true, professional internet marketing. You want to know where your clicks and sales are coming from so you can spend more time (and maybe money) on what’s actually bringing in results. I’ve wasted lots of money by not using a link tracker and will never do that again. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

Wealthy Affiliate SUPPORT

Like I said before the creators of Wealthy Affiliate are always in there posting new trainings and are always very eager to help you personally. On top of that there is never a time where I log in and don’t see someone in the chatroom I can ask.

If you need help on a particular thing and don’t find anyone to help chances are what you’re asking was already asked before and can be searched. You can find videos, trainings, or even conversations with members who have had the same problem and someone fixed it. So the support inside Wealthy Affiliate is just priceless.


Wealthy Affiliate PRICE

So the price. You can start for free, zero, $0. Check out what you get for a whopping $0 here. The premium membership is $47 per month. You get the full access to Wealthy Affiliate including everything I spoke about above.

The option is also there to promote wealthy affiliate and make money that way. But here is my favorite part. For every free member that joins and actually sets up their profile they’ll pay you $1. For something so simple as having people fill out their profile and slap a picture of themselves Wealthy Affiliate will credit you $1 so you could actually have your membership for free!

They have all the math and percentages on how many free members convert to premium. I believe you make $22 a month for a premium member you refer to them. There’s another $175 commission you get right away which can really make a difference in your bank account fast.


I really tried to be as unbiased as I possibly could. But if it showed in this post how much I like Wealthy Affiliate it’s because I truly do. I’ve seen what’s out there on the internet and have been burned a few times. And if you’re someone who’s serious about building a business you have probably been burned too.

But I’m here to tell you Wealthy Affilate is the real deal. You won’t go wrong with getting started now (did I say it’s free to join?)

I’ll repeat this again, the best Wealthy Affiliate review you’re going to find is getting started yourself and actually going through the materials inside. This way you’ll get your own conclusion if it’s right for you or not. Reading this review you are seeing Wealthy Affiliate through my eyes and what I think is valuable for me.

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