Start Here

First of all I want to thank you for coming and checking out my blog. This thing would be worthless if I didn’t have people coming and appreciating what’s on here.

The fact is I don’t know who you are or how long you’ve been marketing online. Maybe you’re just getting started and need some direction or have been doing this for a while but still not seeing the success you really want. Either way, you’ve landed on the right page.

No matter your level on the internet marketing path there are a few things I’d say are crucial to your success online. So, below I’m going to suggest a couple preliminaries that I think you’d agree are non-negotiables.

1. Find A Mentor. This doesn’t have to be a face-to-face mentor or even someone that you know personally. It can be another marketer that you know has reached the level you’re after, knows what they’re doing, and you can learn from and emulate. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

2. Have The Right Tools. There are a couple important tools you’re going to need as an internet marketer. And although you can start without them, I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re in this business to make life-changing money, not have an expensive hobby. So definitely have the tools that will get you there more efficiently.

Some important tools are:

-A hosting account where you can set up a WordPress blog, capture pages, sales pages.

-An autoresponder to capture your leads and communicate with them periodically.

-Some kind of capture/sales page creator software or WordPress plugin. Many companies provide capture pages but you don’t want to use something everyone in your company or program is using, you want to stand out from the crowd and appear as someone who knows what’s up. People follow leaders.

3. Find A Tribe. Find a team of fellow marketers who are in it with you and can vibe with you. A place to share tips, tricks, suggestions, and encouragement. A tribe can be a marketing team, forum, or even just the other members in whatever program you’re a part of. The whole Facebook groups thing has become a staple in the internet marketing scene.

Now, finding everything I just mentioned while keeping the cost affordable is an ordeal in itself. And having all your tools in separate systems is just impractical.

But lucky for you, I’ve already done all the research for you and have found a program that already includes everything I mentioned above and more. It’s the tribe I’ve been a member of from ’09, the place I made my first $100 on, where I get all my training from, my hosting provider, autoresponder service, capture page creator, ad tracker, monthly residual checks ($100 per referral is awesome), literally EVERYTHING.

I’ve also went a step ahead with the value and was able to hijack a 20-minute video training from my mentor called “Your 90-Day Success Plan To Earning $10,080 Per Month”. All you have to do is sign up below and it’s yours free.

Here’s my humble disclaimer though. I only work with doers. If you’re the “excuses is life”, no-show type then don’t bother.

Gold only has value to those who appreciate it.

But if you’re ready to lock arms with me and change your business in the next 90 days here’s where you raise your hand.