The exact tools and resources I use.

Below are the tools that I use everyday to create blogs that get quality traffic and leads everyday.

What you’ll find below is that it definitely doesn’t take a whole lot of money to get started online.


As you may know I focus a lot of my marketing on blogging and search engine optimization. Here are a few tools that I personally have used since I first got started with this particular marketing strategy.

1. Hostgator Hosting – The best and only hosting company I’ve ever used and will always use. Very simple to learn which isn’t much. Once you install WordPress most of your time will be spent in your blogs admin area. You can get the hostgator hatchling plan for less than $5 a month. Once you start learning a few things you can get the baby plan to add sites.

2. GoDaddy – I use Godaddy to keep all my URL’s that I buy in one place.

3. Market Samurai – Only the best keyword research software there is, period. To market anything online you have to know what people are searching for and what searches they’re typing into Google to get the information they need. Every sale on the internet starts with a search.

4. SEO Pressor – This plugin is like having a professional internet blogger sitting next to me every time I’m writing a new post. SEO Pressor automatically tells you everything your blog post needs to have so that it will have the best chances of ranking. I always make sure my blog posts are hitting 97-100 in SEO Pressor which means there’s almost a guarantee the post will get on the first page Google.

5. – Cutting edge, futuristic autoresponder. Keep track of your leads, connect, share, and build. The money is in the quality and the relationship you have with your list. Try it for 30 day FREE.


1. FunnelKitGO – This is all I use to create capture pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, or even just a video page with a get started button. Very simple to use and professional looking. It’s always better to look totally different than everyone else on the internet, especially when 90% of the people look exactly the same.

2. – One of the best solo ad resources there is. You can literally get instant clicks to your pages no matter what time. Once you’re on Udimi for a short time you’ll find your 5 favorite solo ad dealers that you’ll always go to.

3. Directory Of Ezines – This is another solo ad vendor directory but with a lot more professional sellers. DOE is a very respected resource on the internet and has been for a long time.

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