MyFunLIFE: Why You’ll Lose Money And Fail

myfunlifeRecently I had the opportunity to check out the back office of a new program online called MyFunLIFE. A fellow marketer that I’ve known online for a long time sent me a quick video to check out his system and how I should join. He kept saying repeatedly that it will crush everything out there right now for the year of 2014. I’m not so sure about that. While I can say that MyFunLIFE can make a lot of money this year I truly don’t see it as something that will last a long time and make many people money.

A Little Review About MyFunLIFE

Let me give you a little overview. MyFunLife is a network marketing company in Utah that started in 2013. They claim to be a mobile app company that will combine the internet marketing industry with the whole mobile app craze we’ve seen recently. As of right now they only have one app called My Fun Life Travel which isn’t really an app yet, it’s just a mobile version of a website. You log in from your phone or tablet but it’s not technically an app. They say that they’re doing it this way so that they can work out all the issues before putting on the market because it’s a lot easier to make updates if it’s just a website for now.

MyFunLIFE Mobile Apps

Right now they’re promoting the My Fun Life App really hard as it’s the only app that they have…or don’t have. However, they’re also myfunlifesaying that this is only the first app of about 10 that they have in the process of release. Some apps that are scheduled are for health, discount shopping and a few others.

They’re not going into detail about these upcoming apps but just mention it. In my opinion, they really want to be considered a mobile app company, not just one of the many travel MLM’s already in existence. The small problem I have though is that this sounds very similar to some other programs I’ve seen.

Companies frequently make great future ideas but it’s only so that they attract the most people. MyFunLIFE probably doesn’t have another app after this travel one.

The My Fun Life Compensation Plan

The My Fun Life comp plan sounds very generous when you first hear it. It is a 3×10 matrix allowing you to have 3 members directly under you. These types of comp plans are attractive in 2 ways:

They give you the false expectation of spillover so you get people in your team without sponsoring them yourself. And also because of the idea that your income will grow exponentially if everyone sponsors more and more people.

The bottom line is that you have to really sponsor a lot of people into MyFunLIFE to actually make any money and if that’s not a problem for you that’s great. But if you’re expecting your entire downline to sponsor a lot of people, which is necessary to really create a residual income, i’d say reconsider.

5 Ways To Make Money In MyFunLIFE

MyFunLIFE comp plan includes 5 different ways to make money including coded bonuses and also a car payment bonus. Although this sounds very appetizing to an internet marketer wanting to make fast money it usually doesn’t pan out like one may expect. The MyFunLIFE comp plan is actually using a very antiquated compensation plan.

In the force matrix you can only sponsor 3 people and they’ll only pay you $1 for each. A new MyFunLIFE member pays $25 to get started and after sponsoring 3 people will only receive $3. Studying the comp plan it’s obvious that only the big builders will actually make any money.

myfunlifeTo make any real profit in the company a MyFunLIFE affiliate has to sponsor at least 1o people. Then the coded bonus will start coming in and, if your team is actually bringing in new members, you’ll also get a chunk of that.

The internet is flooded with the new system of making money. Everyone is looking for the 100% commission fast income. Companies like MyFunLIFE just don’t cut it anymore.

Any internet marketer that has been around for 2 years or more knows that downline just don’t grow unless you’re a REALLY good seller.

And most people who get started in internet marketing just aren’t sellers. Just check who’s making the big money there now…David Dubbs. Ask if his team is making any real money….I highly doubt it.

Why I Think You’ll Lose Money And Fail In MyFunLIFE

If you’re reading this chances are you’re doing your research on the company and are planning on joining. You’ve probably already joined a few other program and quit and thing this new shiny object is going to be “the one”. Sorry to bust your bubble, it’s not.

Unless you’re a really good marketer and know how to truly market yourself and already have a huge email list that jump every time you send an email you probably won’t make it very far.

But I know how it goes. After reading this you will probably still join MyFunLIFE because you’re mind is already made. And then you’ll quit and look for something else that has the new catch word or phrase of the season. This time is mobile app.

My advice would be just save your $25. You’ll probably do much better with a simple lead capture page and a hot ClickBank product paying 50% commission. MyFunLIFE may have very catchy websites and videos but, in the end, it’s all sales. In my own experience I’ve always benefited more from actual internet marketing training than the new online gimmick.

One thing that MyFunLIFE is lacking that is the most important thing when beginning a new internet business is training. Most affiliates that sign up with online programs like MyFunLIFE are usually unskillful in real internet marketing. Most people will stick around and spend lots of money on marketing in the wrong places and then quit. Then next month join another program that sounds better than MyFunLIFE. After this, many join a new program hoping that this program “works” for them.

Instead of starting the endless spiral of failure with MyFunLIFE why not spend some more time on learning how to market and advertise? If you’re still considering joining MyFunLIFE and truly want to learn how to actually marketing effectively sign up below!

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