How To Make Money Using Other People’s Product

There are many ways to make an extra income on the internet. From eBay’s grand opening average people around the world have been using the internet to create a home side business to supplement their regular job or actually quit their job and work completely from home. In today’s world making money on the internet has come a really long way from eBay. With all the different choices available today a complete online newbie looking to make a few $100 on the internet can get really confused, even lose a lot of money. From affiliate marketing to network marketing and all the other schisms that originated from these where should a new person start?

To anyone that asks me where should they start I always recommend starting with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else’s product for a percentage of the sales price known as a commission. With affiliate marketing a new person doesn’t have to worry about all the technical stuff. The product is already created, the websites are already written and usually very professionally including videos, bells, whistles. Sales process, merchant accounts…all of that is included. All the new marketer has to do is get other people to see this product and decide to buy. There’s usually no investment either. Even many very successful network marketers still use affiliate marketing to create even more money. Ever heard of “Multiple Streams Of Income?”

In theory, affiliate marketing sounds great. Easy, simple to do….everyone can make money doing this. Not exactly. There are a few things a new person needs to know before they make any real money using affiliate marketing. Here are a few helpful tools & tips a new marketer should have to begin creating their online business.

Preliminary Knowledge

The one mistake I see new people do online is treat their new online business like some kind of door-to-door sales thing. This is also the reason why many people never even take a look at the internet to make money. The misconception is that you have to sell stuff online. Yes, there is sales involved but it’s 2013…sales letters and YouTube videos do all that now :-). On the internet the gold is in the information. That’s really all the internet is. It’s an enormous encyclopedia that’ll take any information from anybody (and make it look damn good…like this blog).

Overwhelming as it may sound this is really the best part. We already know that billions of people come online to look up information, and a lot of those people are looking for information on stuff they want to buy. So, instead of selling selling selling the better way to “sell” online is telling, telling, telling. Articles, blogs, Videos have made it so easy to do this. People search for dog training, they see your article titled “Dog Training Made Easy At Home.” This article takes them to a video that tells them about a book priced at $25. If they buy the book you will make 50%, about $12. This is a very simple example but imagine having 100 other website out there.

Now For The Tools:




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