MyFunLIFE: Why You’ll Lose Money And Fail

myfunlifeRecently I had the opportunity to check out the back office of a new program online called MyFunLIFE. A fellow marketer that I’ve known online for a long time sent me a quick video to check out his system and how I should join. He kept saying repeatedly that it will crush everything out there right now for the year of 2014. I’m not so sure about that. While I can say that MyFunLIFE can make a lot of money this year I truly don’t see it as something that will last a long time and make many people money. Continue reading “MyFunLIFE: Why You’ll Lose Money And Fail”

What David Wood Isn’t Telling You About Empower Network

I’m sure you’ve heard about the 100% commission new system by David Wood and David Sharpe called Empower Network. If not I’d ask you to leave this page now and go check out the 20-min video explaining the whole thing. Empower Network was launched officially a few days ago. And the idea here is basically 100% commissions of $25, $100 monthly payments. There is also a one-time upgrade of $500 for a product called Costa Rica Intensive. All the products contain very advanced marketing techniques which drive massive traffic to whatever internet business you’re promoting. There’s really no denying it, internet marketing is the best way to market a network marketing business. But the revolutionary thing about the Empower Network is that entire system is really set up for anyone to connect, plug in, and start making money on the internet. Without having to learn all the tedious internet marketing stuff. Continue reading “What David Wood Isn’t Telling You About Empower Network”