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What You Think It Takes To Be A Great Marketer May Not Be So

Last night I was having a long conversation with one of my marketing friends who has been in the industry a while and having doubts about enduring. One thing that always surprised me is how the best things come out of you when you’re trying to help somebody else, even if you yourself are having doubts about something. You may think that you don’t know something and you’re not “good” but as soon as the opportunity comes up to change the mindset of somebody else you start speaking in such a prophetic tone that’ll leave you with your own mouth open.


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The “Everything” Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate (Wealthy Affiliate University)
Overall Ranking: 10/10
Price: $0 or $47 Per Month (Premium)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: http://WealthyAffiliate.com

In this Wealthy Affiliate review I’ll be going through a few points that will help you make a good decision on getting started with Wealthy Affiliate and if it’s worth it. There are so many choices online when it comes to internet marketing. From the tools to use to the training provided, to traffic generation. Continue reading

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How To Make Money Using Other People’s Product

There are many ways to make an extra income on the internet. From eBay’s grand opening average people around the world have been using the internet to create a home side business to supplement their regular job or actually quit their job and work completely from home. In today’s world making money on the internet has come a really long way from eBay. With all the different choices available today a complete online newbie looking to make a few $100 on the internet can get really confused, even lose a lot of money. From affiliate marketing to network marketing and all the other schisms that originated from these where should a new person start? Continue reading

MyFunLIFE: Why You’ll Lose Money And Fail

myfunlifeRecently I had the opportunity to check out the back office of a new program online called MyFunLIFE. A fellow marketer that I’ve known online for a long time sent me a quick video to check out his system and how I should join. He kept saying repeatedly that it will crush everything out there right now for the year of 2014. I’m not so sure about that. While I can say that MyFunLIFE can make a lot of money this year I truly don’t see it as something that will last a long time and make many people money. Continue reading